The first real day of summer...finally!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Logan finally warmed up and the sun came out. I love everything that summer brings with it. Today Tanner and I woke up early and went up to the stadium to run stairs. It was so nice to get some good ol' vitamin D and exercise. We got home and did our Saturday chores and interestingly enough the sunlight has put me into a crazy want to clean every inch of the house mood. I have been talking Tanner's ear off about things that I want to take to the dump, take to goodwill, put on Craig's list, sell at a garage sale. Poor guy...especially because he is the one that will end up moving everything.

Today my cousin Shantel had a birthday party for her son Casey. It was pretty fun for a four-year-old's birthday party. You know summer has really begun during the first cookout when you are sitting around spitting watermelon seeds everywhere. It took me back to all of my summer memories over the years at my g-ma's house. Some of the best moments happened right in my grandma's backyard with all of the same people plus a few extras. It was great to get together with everyone and just relax, have fun, and talk.

My mom and her sisters got on some pretty random topics. One that sticks out to me was about my gram'pa, who if you don't know is the most loving, sarcastic, charismatic grandpa you'll ever meet. They were telling stories from their childhood that I really find hard to believe. My mom told a story of a time that she had a really terrible cough and my gram'pa got so annoyed with her that he made her eat Vick's. She listened out of fear and then after looked at the packaging that read "for external use only." According to Courte, and I would have to agree, my mom's parents were so much different than our grandparents are.

The rest of the day consisted of birthday presents and excited kids high on birthday cake running around. It was a perfect way to spend the first day of summer.

p.s. Happy 20th birthday Courte!!! I think this is the first birthday that we haven't spent together...sniff, sniff.

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