TC: Greatest lunch break Ever

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Due to a torrential downpour today I was unable to ride the scooter home for lunch. Luckily Kirsten was free to pick me up. Screw going home for lunch, 5 dollar foot longs. So we walk in and as all ways, a line (we are people watchers so we love lines). The conversation that we witnessed was unreal.

Lady ordering: I'll have tomatoes, lettuce, and olives.
Worker: We don't have tomatoes today.
Lady: Why?
Worker: Because of the salmonella.

5 year old in line: Dad, why don't they have tomatoes?
Dad: Tomatoes have germs.
5 yo: Deep in thought, "Never eat another tomato!"

Lady: In that case....I'll have mayo and ketchup.
Worker: We actually don't have ketchup here either.
Lady: .....How about some Russian dressing then.
Worker: ???? (Looks at other worker) Russian dressing?

Me: Did she just say Russian dressing?
Kirsten: (Laughing)
Me: Why not some Samoan sauce too!
Kirsten: (Laughing)

Lady: Well just mayo I guess.
Worker: (Wipes brow) Alright. Next!

I mean, this was the single greatest exchange between a group of people I have ever seen. Where in the sweet hell is that lady from? Has she ever been to Subway before! Russian dressing! What is that? Do you think she meant Italian, the country that actually does have a dressing? I guess she thought instead of tomatoes and ketchup she wanted some of that new eastern European stuff. Wow!

Needless to say, it was a great lunch break.

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doyles said...

I for one prefer mongolian dressing to russian, it has a slight pecan aftertaste thats soothes the palet.......and the loins

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