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Friday, August 15, 2008

Something exciting...I was a guest blogger on Chris's website. He wants me to add an insider's look into how it is living at their house.

Every day we wake up bright and early to the serene sound of the pool-guys jack hammering their little hearts out. We pry open our eyes and see them laughing and talking about god knows what and Tanner and I look at each other and wonder will this ever end? Even though we have to hear the installation of C squareds new pool and deck we have definitely had a warm welcome in VA. Sometimes warm and wet. We brought our two pups with us and now live in what one might consider a petting zoo.

The Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cooley residence now consists of FOUR people, FOUR yorkies, TWO cats, and ONE great dane, and all of the outdoor wildlife as well...Chris lives in freaking rural nation. Its kind of scary to tell you the truth, especially at night. When we let the dogs out I'm afraid of what might emerge from the wilderness.

Chris & Christy's house always provides a story or two to tell and that's what we love. Last night was Chris's first night at home (he's been at training camp all month, you know). Christy made a delish meatloaf and then we opened over 3,000 football cards last night in search of an Adrian Peterson card. I felt like I was looking for the golden ticket...my thumbs KILL from opening so many packs! This is what we consider entertainment.

Then we started watching the Olympics so we could cheer on our favorite gymnast Shawn Johnson...we waited and waited and waited for gymnastics to start. We were swearing and making fun of the other athletes because we just wanted to watch the all-around gymnastics and it was getting ugly because 3 hours had passed. By the time it finally started Chris & Christy had fallen asleep and Tanner and I can't even harass them because we didn't even make it to the floor routines before we were staring at the back of our eyelids at 1:00 a.m.

So, yeah things are going good...we are slowly realizing that this is not an extended vacation it's real life. It's different but it is definitely real.

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LuCinda said...

Interesting comments people leave on Chris' blog. Hang in there most were positive. Have fun.

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